Our main priority is to achieve the highest quality and safety of our products and to meet our clients' expectations and needs. 

Quality system is based on defined ISO 9001 norms. There are continuous procedure improvements guaranteed and prevention of failure repetition ensured.

Our clients have zero tolerance to any mistakes and we put great emphasis on the swiftness in problem solving and the reparation.

We try to minimalize the impact on environment and we strictly obey all regulatory requirements and other provisions.

As we keep improving and enhancing all production procedures, we are able to compete with our competition both, in best price and top quality.

AB Max has ISO 9001 certificate and well-elaborated system of control mechanisms.

We are very serious in choosing our best long-term suppliers.

The management of our company perceives the knowledge and skills of its employees as the crucial part of the company's success and therefore AB Max invests great amounts in the employees education.

The stability of the company, its future and prosperity are based on continual improvement and dynamics of each department and reduction of internal and external complaints.

Continual involvement in new projects proves high quality and competitiveness of our products.

Download: Certificate ISO 9001

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